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Entrepreneur's Legal Connection - The Specialist Help Point

The Importance Of Entrepreneur’s Legal Connection

Legal Services 10They don’t teach us in law school how to run a law firm, so it’s pretty much up to us to figure out how to create a successful business out of providing our legal services. Having an open mind is a big step in becoming an entrepreneur with your law firm, and one of the best places to try new ideas and forge new paths is in the world of attorney marketing.

Any business school will tell you that a good marketing plan is one of the main components of running a successful business. Attorney marketing and the legal business are no exception to this knowledge. Too often do law firms emulate each other when it comes to attorney marketing strategies. This creates a sea of copycat ads and indistinguishable lawyer advertisements that do little to help clients pick one lawyer from another. Lawyers who think like entrepreneurs will see that this stale emulation method doesn’t work and they’ll find a new approach. For more in-depth information, please visit Breach of Contract.

What Are The Entrepreneur’s Legal And Moral Obligation To Clients

By virtue of starting an enterprise or a venture, an entrepreneur comes under various kinds of obligations to various entities in the society. Some of these obligations are legal and can be enforced by the law enforcing agencies, if necessary. Some are financial obligations and the lenders can enforce them as per the agreement or the law. Some obligations are social in nature, and although they may be nebulous and fuzzy in nature, and may or may not be legally enforceable, society has its own mechanism to enforce them. And finally some obligations are moral in nature. It is these obligations that we will look into in this article.

Every entrepreneur has legal, financial, social and moral obligations towards his customers / clients. While the former three operate at the gross level, the moral obligations operate at much higher a level. In case of legal, social and financial obligations, there are external agencies that can compel or extract performance from the entrepreneur. But in case of moral obligations, there are no external agencies. There are no taskmasters, no prosecutor, and no enactments to go by and there are no penalties, so to say, to be paid. Here the observer and the one being observed are one and the same persons. Justification of actions is to be given, not to the judge or the income tax authorities, but to one’s own conscience. One has to judge oneself in one’s own eyes. “Have I failed in my own eyes?” is the question one has to answer to oneself.

The moral obligations that rest on your shoulders as an entrepreneur are because of your superior capacities and capabilities that your customer / client has put his faith in. it always so in fairer, civilized societies. The more powerful a person the more obligations he has.

Your obligation is to actually remove the pain felt by your customer / client that you promised you will remove.

Your obligation is to actually solve a problem faced by your customer / client that you claim you can solve and because of this claim the customer / client came to you.

Your obligation is to give him your attention and carry on the transaction with care and concern, with personal involvement – to his satisfaction. In the field of administration of justice, there is a famous maxim – justice not only must be done, but must also appear to have been done. Similarly, not only must excellent service be rendered to the customer / client, he must also experience that you have given him excellent service.

Even if you are only a seller or supplier of goods, it is your obligation to be familiar with its use or working and guide the customer if he so desires.

Your obligation is to always keep your technical knowledge up to date and put it at the service of your customer / client. That’s what he is paying you for.

In sum, your moral responsibility is to be just and fair to your customer / client, not to fool him by giving him substandard service or goods or shortchanging him in any ways, even if he is never likely to discover it.

Entrepreneur’s Legal Connection During Hard Economic Times

The book “The Secret” was released in 2006 and since then has gone on to reach the top of the New York Times bestseller list. It also reached #1 on the Amazon.com sales chart. An enormously popular film also entitled “The Secret” was released based on the book. The book and movie brought deliberate creation and the Law of Attraction into mainstream consciousness.

Right now, it is no “secret” that the world is full of financial uncertainty and stress. Many people are panicking about their finances. If you turn on the TV or the radio, you will immediately hear worry and negativity. However, even despite these current circumstances, entrepreneurs are currently experiencing financial success that they only dreamed possible. This success is taking place and people are currently thriving despite the state of the economy.

The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that you can deliberately manifest your intentions. Techniques including goal setting, visualization and inspired action allow you to achieve your dreams in your finances, as well as all areas of your life.

The concepts behind The Law of Attraction been practiced by many of history’s great achievers. Jim Carrey, for example, used the Law of Attraction before he became famous. For years when he was a struggling actor he carried around a check made out to himself for 10 million dollars. Seeing this check for an enormous sum in his wallet allowed him to visualize becoming famous and making millions of dollars.Legal Services 2

The Secret states, “See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It works every time, with every person.” In keeping with that view, entrepreneurs have realized that there is no limit to their potential success. Whether you flounder or thrive in the current economy depends largely on your state of mind. Your state of mind and positive energy will allow you to reach your goals and dreams regardless of any financial climate.

If you are feeling worry and panic, you will face difficult circumstances. On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur focused solely on building your financial future and attracting wealth, you will succeed. The Universe will conspire to assist you by providing you a steady stream of people and events that will support you in your success. Worrying about the economy absolutely cannot help. Focusing on your success will help you achieve and surpass your financial goals.